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Entry #10


2009-01-20 17:44:11 by wii1

Hey Guys! I have been busy lately, but I have just come out of my little creation block.

Currently, I am working on a new song called Dreams with TheBellMaker.

I have a preview of the song up :)

Recently, Chronamut and I have finished the song TrAnCeD, which has had its name changed around a little bit. It is still the same song, but with some drum variations, and NO SLOWDOWN IN THE END :)

Alright guys. Message me with any questions :)

If you want to do a collab, PM me, and make sure your using FL studio :) haha


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2010-02-01 19:14:39

Whew, it took a while, but I managed to zero bomb all of your audio.


2011-06-16 08:15:55

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