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2009-01-20 17:44:11 by wii1

Hey Guys! I have been busy lately, but I have just come out of my little creation block.

Currently, I am working on a new song called Dreams with TheBellMaker.

I have a preview of the song up :)

Recently, Chronamut and I have finished the song TrAnCeD, which has had its name changed around a little bit. It is still the same song, but with some drum variations, and NO SLOWDOWN IN THE END :)

Alright guys. Message me with any questions :)

If you want to do a collab, PM me, and make sure your using FL studio :) haha


2008-12-23 19:50:06 by wii1

I got a Keyboard for recording instruments! It is a Yamaha PSR-E330 :)

Please check out my music and give me good reviews :)

I am iflymyhelishigh

2008-09-07 20:22:41 by wii1

I am iflymyhelishigh on different sites, so if you want to know who I really am, google my screen name :D

wow apple, just wow

2008-07-08 19:21:46 by wii1

Apple care charged me 800 dollars to fix a stupid screen. Idiots... Anyway, I'm back and I'm working on a new song called FAstling.

these stupid idiots...

2008-05-15 18:26:22 by wii1

My Mac has been broken. Its screen has been broken. IM NOT PROMOTING ANYTHING BUT chriskim95 at youtube is me and I have a video of my mac's screen. Im probably not going to be able to use garageband to make my songs for a while as it is being fixed for a crazily high price. Im just going to use fruity loops. Guess I have to live with what happened.


2008-02-23 22:15:37 by wii1

Well... I havent posted any songs for a while... I was working on this one. Zelda FTW Anyway Im alive and back just to tell you


2008-02-03 10:44:06 by wii1

YOU KNOW ALL THESE PEOPLE GIVING ZEROS TO SUBMITIONS FOR NO REASON?! NEWGROUNDS, a suggestion, please make it that if you rate a submission less than a 2, they must provide a reason for doing it. This would prevent freaking flaming to songs. Look at Piano Time, its a 3.32 and it was a freaking 5 with 4 votes. One idiot comes in and rates it a zero. GAWD >:D

Sheet Music

2008-01-26 18:41:45 by wii1

If you guys want the sheet music, PM me with your email address and tell me which song you want to get the sheet music to. My email is so.... yeah

Got a MacBook.. WOOT

2008-01-22 06:47:12 by wii1

Well, I got a MacBook as a present for getting a job at apple lol. Anyway I am using GarageBand now which means that if you want the sheet music, Im perfectly capable of doing it for you. I have a bunch of songs but the 2 song a day thing is not letting me put more than 2 songs on. I should have them on by friday or saturday. I have a total of 9 songs composed by me. Keep reviewing and Keep listening. Thanks

Well, I finally made my first post. I recieved fruity loops and used it's loops to make a song. It was kind of hard though I am still learning. I think its a good song from a firsttimer. Thanks guys